Nicholas Simons about Site C: “I’m sad for our province in the long run”

Simons still strongly supports the government’s priorities and leadership. “They were aware of, and acknowledged, my opposition to the project’

By Newsdesk

A healthy party accepts divergent opinions, and despite disagreeing with the decision to proceed with Site C, I strongly support our government’s priorities and the leadership shown in so many areas, MLA Nicholas Simons (Powell River-Sunshine Coast) wrote in an email to The Coast Clarion.  “They were aware of, and acknowledged my opposition to the project,”

“I believe we should have stopped the project for all the reasons I have enumerated over the past number of years; First Nations’ rights, the protection of agricultural land, the importance of the wildlife corridor, etc.”

But the government believed that stopping the project this far along was not in our collective best interest, he wrote. “My opinion, obviously shared by others, was well-known, but it did not win the day.

“I’m disappointed, but I know this was the result of our government being handed two bad options.

The Site C project was started under the Gordon Campbell Liberal government and pushed as far and as fast as possible under Christie Clark’s subsequent reckless leadership.

“Furthermore, despite the already existing First Nations rights issues, the permanent alienation of a large swath of good food growing land, the destruction of a wildlife corridor, heritage values, and families’ homes, the project was initially supported by professor Weaver.

“It was when costs added up, and future demand was questioned when our parties’ official views on the matter may have diverged. Obviously this was not part of our important Confidence and Supply Agreement.

“So the political ramifications of the decision could reflect on us or them or the Liberals; I’m sad for the valley and the region’s inhabitants, and our province in the long run,” Simons wrote to The Coast Clarion.

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  1. I’m sad too, because with this betrayal of the NDP, I am not going to vote for them again. And I am a life-long, card-carrying member and frequent donor to the party, someone who, despite considerable pressure from friends, refused to vote “strategically” federally last election. And I love and respect our MLA Nicholas Simons, who has done a terrific job representing us through the brutal years of corrupt Liberal rule in BC. I hope that Nicholas will leave the party and sit as an Independent, citing the Site C betrayal as his reason. Then, if he chooses to run again, I will most happily vote for him again–and send some bucks his way to do so.

  2. Thank you for posting this Nicholas. When it comes to the cost of continuing the project was any realistic account made of how much will be lost in destroying all that land which we would definitely have needed as climate change continues.

    1. Me too, on a new topic. Sorry Nick. I think you do a great job but ………..this is so short sited. No -not a spelling error. We are pushing an old paradigm through the legislature. Unbridled growth for the sake of growth is killing the planet. I cannot be a party to it. How is it that when new leaders replace the old not much changes when it comes to the big things? This is huge. Keeping us from investing in ‘true green’ – not let’s call it green when we drown arable land for short term gains. Why is that BC treks ahead with the very thing that more enlightened countries are demolishing? Site C might last 70 years. A spit in the bucket of time but continues our wanton destruction of the past 50 or 60 years. Tell me again how this will help BC and Canada meet their commitments to our sacred climate.

  3. I agree with Sandra!in one breath he says he wants to preserve agricultural land and then he was part and parcel to persephone brewery changing the zoning and use for wit…….an alcohol factory,you can call it a brewery if you want,cabaret,eatery.ya thats real agriculture.thanks Nick.

  4. For me the BCUC and Eliesen and Swain and McCullough give the best interpretation of costs. For me First Nations Treaty rights are number one, then protecting the environment including diversity and migration routes, then careful land use for agriculture and other natural ecosystems, then climate change with maintenance of Carbon capture and sequestration. I do not support the NDP any more, my money goes to the, and after Site C, the Greens.

  5. Given the fast moving world in electrical generation technology, building Site C will lock BC into yesterdays methods for electrical generation. Many other, less costly, methods are emerging, even in Alberta, which Christy said we could sell our surplus power to. What a bad joke.
    Does anyone really believe that in 70 years, which is the length of time it will take to pay for this financial and environmental madness, we will have the cheapest form of electrical generation from Site C?
    Yes I too voted for the NDP to make a change in our provinces frontier outlook that destroys the environment and calls it progress. Didn’t happen and the NDP will wear this one for years to come.

  6. I laugh at those stating they are switching to Green. It is a fact that Andrew Weaver did support this project. He waffles in the wind. We are all enjoying the other changes NDP are putting in place. A breath of fresh air after the viciousness of the Liberals. Deny that the NDP are exactly what you want – except for Site C. Think hard. Jumping ship will put us back in a very precarious situation.

    1. Laugh away…it means liberals will regain power in the next election and everything will go back to how it was. Ndp are history

    2. Andrew did not waffle. He looked at the alarming evidence of cost of Site C rising, and cost of renewable energy falling, both dramatically. In the meantime there has been frightening change in climate and it is obvious that we are going to need the farmland while California where we get much of our food suffers ongoing droughts and fires. Climate is changing faster than anticipated and the exhorbitant money now going into Site C would be better spent on innovations in creation and storage of renewable energy. Evidence based decision making is not waffling.

  7. Site C will give us the cleanest power for years to c ome. Solar and wind power dont even come close.The NDP have done the right thing,for the electrification of the province

    1. Mike, 70 years of electricity. Then what? Where does your electricity come from after 70 years? That is a very short time, to destroy a bountiful river valley for all time. That’s not economics, that’s cultural suicide. Now is the time for real change.

  8. I’ll never forgive Horgan for ruining the BC NDP by making the political decision to continue with Site C. This was a deal breaker issue for me, no more of my time or $.
    No integrity, no different than Liberals. Bah humbug.

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