The Coast Clarion welcomes advertisements from small local businesses* and non-profits.

Choose from three formats:

1. A picture or your logo in the sidebar with a few words and a link to your website.

$25 per week.

2. A blog post, including photo, marked ADVERTISEMENT. The Coast Clarion will publish only one advertisement blogpost at a time. It will always be on the top right of page 1.

$50 per week.

3. An advertisement inside the text of a news article.

$20 per week.

Advertising options

* The Coast Clarion defines small business as an independently owned and operated sole proprietorship or limited partnership; a non-subsidiary enterprise without ties to larger corporations, chains,  brands, or franchises; a business with fewer than 25 employees; a business with annual net revenues under $250,000; a business not dominant in its field of operation; possibly a business that serves a market niche; and possibly a business where the owner is self-employed.  If your business meets most of these criteria, please consider advertising on The Coast Clarion at our reasonable rates.

Please note that The Coast Clarion maintains editorial independence.