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If you have a tip, please let us know and we’ll look into it. We may not always have the resources, but we’ll certainly try.

We protect our sources. If you don’t want us to mention your name, we won’t. Not to anybody. We promise.

If you prefer to remain anonymous even to us, you can email us through an email account that doesn’t include your name (example:

Please include enough information for us to investigate the matter you are bringing to our attention.

If you have documents, please supply us with copies. Nobody needs to know where these documents came from. After we have checked that they are authentic, we could, with your permission, give our readers links to them so they can see for themselves. If they cannot be published (because, for example, publishing them would point to the source), we still need to see them. It helps with the investigation, and we publish only facts we can verify.

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